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INTERNAL is the fastest way to equip teams with internal tools. It's no code, no SQL knowledge required, and the only solution that auto-scales with your company.

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Internal is the perfect solution for companies looking to quickly spin up new internal tools without engineering effort, or for engineering teams that would rather build their core product instead of tooling.

Connect multiple data sources.

Internal works with multiple data sources including Postgres, MySQL, Google Sheets, and Zendesk. Create powerful tools by linking together related data from various sources.

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How it works.

Connect data sources

Connect data sources

Internal connects to your existing databases and business apps. If you’re connecting your company’s database, we suggest reading from a replica and writing via API. We also support GraphQL as another way to connect your company's data.
Get going

Get going

Once you’ve connected a datasource, Internal is ready to go. Create a role, assign permissions, and invite employees.


Drag and drop fields to create custom views for teams. INTERNAL is the only no-code solution that let's you instantly bring together data from across multiple data sources.
Enable Actions

Enable Actions

Allow users to create and modify specific fields. Create custom forms and actions buttons in a few simple clicks and specify an API endpoint to create all the custom actions your teams need.

“In the era of Facebook and Uber, the ability of rogue employees to dig into the lives of ordinary people is unprecedented.”

- Fortune Magazine
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Protecting your customer data.

In recent years, companies like Facebook, Uber, and Snap have come under scrutiny for their “God View” tools that were abused by employees to spy on users. Tools like “God View” are built in-house at most tech companies and provide employees with broad access to sensitive customer information. While many employees require this data to do their jobs (for example, to fix issues, complete tasks, and respond to support cases), most companies fail to limit their access.

Internal replaces “God View” by providing the tools necessary for customer-facing teams to interact with app data and do their job, while controlling access and protecting customer privacy. We meticulously build the security features that in-house teams seldom prioritize. These features are also necessary for companies to meet core requirements of GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2.

Roles and Permissions

Limit the use of data for its intended purposes by appropriate parties only. Assign granular read/edit permissions at the field level and even set limits on where and when data can be accessed.

Audit Logs

Regularly review information system activity and integrity. See who viewed or edited specific data, and when.

Redaction of Sensitive Fields

Ensure extra sensitive fields are automatically redacted and made viewable upon click. All views are automatically tracked.

2-Step Verification

Add an extra layer of security every time your team logs in.

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About us

INTERNAL is console as a service, allowing companies to rapidly deploy an internal console for their employees to securely and compliantly interact with customer app data. It’s no-code software that combines a database browser with productivity tools to connect company data in useful, actionable ways while controlling access and protecting customer privacy. INTERNAL was founded by Arisa Amano and Bob Remeika. INTERNAL is headquartered in San Francisco.